ECG Interpretation on the iPhone

Instant ECG – #3 Top Medical App

The iTunes App Store divides all programs into various categories and Instant ECG is in the medical app category. Apple publishes a “Top Paid Medical App” list and only 4 days after release (available Jan 6th thru Jan 9th for this article)…

Instant ECG is the #3 Top Paid Medical iPhone or iPod Touch App

ripdogger reviewed our competitor’s program, The ECG Guide, and said,
It’s a good program, but there is another EKG program [Instant ECG] out there with multimedia that really is incredible!

Instant ECG is now #3 on the Top Paid Medical App List

Check out the Top Paid Medical Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

We have a wonderful update to Instant ECG in progress… If you are interested in submitting a real life example of a 12-lead ECG that you think is a perfect example of a rhythm abnormality. Please send us the electrocardiogram and you might be featured in version two!

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